10Th Science Laws of Motion

Question 9. An object cannot change the state of rest or motion until a force is applied. This inability of the object is called: (a) Inertia (b) Mass (c) Weight (d) Acceleration Response: (a) Inertia This article has dispelled all my doubts about the laws of motion. Thank you, BYJU`S. Explanation: Because. Newton`s third law applies to both the moving body and the resting body. Question 2. Passengers lean forward when the sudden brake is applied in a moving vehicle. This can be explained by ____. Answer: the inertia of movement. Mathematically speaking, we express the second law of motion as follows: On astronauts, there is no external force on it due to planets or spaceships. According to the first law of motion, the acceleration for him is zero. So it floats.

(iii) One of the irregularities in the motion of the stars is called “oscillation”, which causes a disturbance in the movement of the nearby planet. In this state, the mass of the star can be calculated using the law of gravity. Question 57. When an object is projected, gravity is: (a) the direction of motion is opposite (b) is in the same direction as the direction of motion (c) decreases as it rises (d) increases as it rises Answer: (a) is opposite to the direction of motion Question 85. (a) Newton`s law of motion (b) Newton`s law of gravity (c) Newton`s law of cooling (d) Pascal`s law Answer: (b) Newton`s law of gravity Question 3. “Wearing a helmet and fastening your seat belt is highly recommended for safe driving” Justify your answer with Newton`s laws of motion. Answer: (i) According to Newton`s second law, when you fall from a bicycle to the ground with a force equal to your mass and acceleration of the bike. According to Newton`s third law, an equal and opposite reaction force is applied to the ground on your body.

If you don`t wear a helmet, this responsiveness can cause fatal head injuries. Therefore, it is important to wear a helmet for safe travel. Question 2. Specify Newton`s laws of motion. Answer: Newton`s first law: Every human being continues to be in his state of rest or in the state of even motion along a straight line, unless he is influenced by an external force. ______ deals with the movement of bodies without taking into account the cause of the movement. Question 3. “Wearing a helmet and fastening your seat belt is highly recommended for safe travel.” Justify your answer with Newton`s laws of motion. Answer: During the movement of the car and two-wheelers, when the brakes are applied, the vehicles slow down, but our body tends to continue in the same state of movement due to inertia.

This can lead to injuries to passengers. Therefore, they are advised to wear a helmet and a seat belt. Question 8. A bomb exploded in the air in two identical fragments. What is the relationship between the direction of movement of the two fragments? Answer: The two fragments fly in exactly opposite directions. 3. Derive the equation of a force using Newton`s second law of motion. Question 9. What law explains the following situation, the athlete runs a certain distance before the long jump.

Answer: The law of inertia, Newton`s first law of motion. Question 4. Explain and prove the law of preservation of linear momentum. Answer: (i) There is no change in the linear momentum of a body system as long as no external net force acts on them. (ii) Let us prove the law of maintaining linear momentum with the following figure: (iii) Let two bodies A and B with masses m1 and m2 move in a straight line at the initial velocity u1 and u2. (iv) That the speed of the first body be greater than that of the second body. That is, U1 > U2. (v) During a time interval of t-second, they tend to collide. After impact, the two move along the same straight at a speed of v1 and v2 respectively. Force on field B due to A, (mathrm{F}_{mathrm{B}}=frac{m_{2}left[v_{2}-u_{2}right]}{t}) Force on body A due to B, (mathrm{F}_{mathrm{A}}=frac{m_{1}left[v_{1}-u_{1}right]}{t}) According to Newton`s Law of Motion III, Action Force = Intervention Force FA = -FB (begin{aligned} frac{m_{1}left[v_{1}-u_{1}right]}{t} &=frac{m_{2}left[v_{ 2}-u_{2}right]}{ t} m_{1} v_{1}+m_{2} v_{2} &=m_{1} u_{1}+m_{2} u_{2} end{aligned}) The above equation confirms that in the absence of an external force, the algebraic sum of the momentum after collision is numerically equal to the algebraic sum of the momentum before the collision.

Therefore, the law of linear conservation momentum is proven. You can download Zamacheer Kalvi 10th Science Book Solutions Guide Pdf, Tamilnadu State Board helps you review the entire program and score more points in your exams. Answer: 1. d) The movement of bodies with cause 2. (c) The movement of bodies for no reason 3. (b) In equilibrium 4. (a) Causes motion Newton`s third law of motion describes what happens to the body when it exerts force on another body.