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Based in Vancouver and Portland, Navigate Law Group represents individuals and families in surrounding counties in family law matters. The firm`s lawyers provide dedicated and experienced advice and assistance in contested and uncontested divorces with or without children, as well as in changes in family allowance, alimony and parenting schemes. In addition, the firm represents individuals in non-conjugal relationships in matters of custody, determination of filiation and access and custody rights of non-parents. Nicholas Wood PS is a Vancouver family law firm founded in 2006. The lawyer represents people involved in adoptions, paternity cases and amendments. Mr. Wood assists his clients in managing the divorce process on guardianship and conservatory issues. custody, visitation and support of children; and the division of debt and property. The firm`s other areas of activity include criminal defence, civil protection and post-conviction services. Nicholas Wood is a member of the Washington and Oregon bars. Our highly experienced family law lawyer is dedicated to the needs of her clients with understanding, professionalism and the highest level of ethical consideration.

We needed mobile notarial services for a family member attached to the house. We found Joyce Smith, Notary, who plus the law firm Alison Greene PLLC, founded in 2017, handles most family law matters in Metro Vancouver. The practice provides representation in matters of divorce and legal separation, including the establishment of spousal support and the division of property. It also assists with child support, in-laws` obligations, child custody and visitation, parenting plans, non-parent custody, parent location issues, and the amendment and enforcement of court orders. Attorney Greene is a member of the Washington State Bar Association. Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law represents individuals and families throughout Metro Vancouver and has been providing sensitive and diligent family law services since 2001. The firm was founded in Gresham by lawyer Lillian Suelzle Watson, who graduated from Lewis and Clark`s Northwestern School of Law in 2000. Ms Watson is a trained mediator who uses her legal skills and knowledge to resolve divorce cases that reduce litigation costs and avoid long-term problems for the whole family. Elizabeth Christy Law Firm in Vancouver provides divorce and family law services to Portland residents and citizens. The firm values and applies compassionate and dedicated advocacy for couples and families who are experiencing the pain of divorce, as well as the issues that often arise from it, such as custody disputes, support and support concerns. The firm`s services will also be extended to same-sex couples and those involved in paternity disputes.

“I took advantage of my wife and her family by providing legal services for years because they could do more Jeff Holmes Attorney at Law is a former Clark County Assistant Attorney and Deputy Coordinator of the Domestic Violence Unit, which opened his Vancouver-based family law practice in 2012. Since the creation of the firm, Mr. Holmes has been involved in a wide range of cases, including collaborative and complex divorces and body separations, child support enforcement and the development of parenting plans, as well as assisting clients in obtaining permanent or temporary protection orders. Since 1981, Kathleen McCann, a Vancouver law firm, has provided family law services to communities in Clark County. In 2016, the Clark County Bar Association presented lawyer Kathleen McCann with the Dean Langsdorf Family Lawyer of the Year Award. The lawyer`s particular areas of distinction include mediation and litigation in all forms of divorce and legal separation, the handling of custody and guardianship disputes, and support for couples in adoption matters. Since 2003, the Affordable Family Law Center has been committed to providing Clark County residents with cost-effective and compassionate representation on all family law matters. The firm`s lawyers represent and litigate from their Vancouver location and handle cases such as divorce and legal separation, disagreements over custody and child support, the design and implementation of parenting plans, and the equitable distribution of property. It also defends the rights of those who are defined as being in an intimately engaged relationship. McKean Smith is a multi-practice law firm dedicated to all areas of family law, labour and business law, criminal law and estate planning. In addition to its waterfront location in Vancouver, the firm has a second office in Portland that provides the entire metropolitan area with lawyers experienced in providing creative solutions to complex legal problems. McKean Smith prioritizes the best possible outcomes and sustainable solutions for its clients` litigation.

Hedman Family Law LLC is a Gresham-based law firm that serves clients throughout Metro Vancouver and Clark County. The firm was founded by senior counsel Natalie Hedman, an experienced lawyer who has successfully represented clients in complex spousal support, custody and domestic violence cases. It also deals with divorces and issues related to unmarried couples, division of family property, assets and debts, as well as third party custody and emergencies. Landerholm Family Law is a Vancouver-based law firm that serves the city`s residents in family law matters, with additional local offices representing the communities of Portland, Salem and Oregon City. The award-winning firm brings clients together with the lawyer whose experience suits their situation, whether it`s a very busy and/or wealthy divorce case, a parent whose rights are compromised, or those who are afraid of domestic violence or injunction violations. Spencer Law PLLC was founded in 1997 and provides legal advice to Vancouver residents. Senior Counsel Clayton Spencer handles all areas of family law, including marriage and late marriage contracts, amendments, moves, and CPS dependency proceedings. The firm also represents clients involved in divorce situations, including child custody and property issues. Clayton Spencer is a member of the Clark County and Washington State Bars. He is a judge of the Washington Superior Court in Clark County.

Vancouver-based Petersen Law Firm practices family law throughout Clark County. The firm was founded in 2011 by attorney Nathan Petersen, a 2008 graduate of the University of Houston Law Center and a member of the Clark County and Washington State Bars. The practice provides compassionate and thoughtful representation in areas such as complex divorce and legal separation, making arrangements for child custody, including access, and changing parenting plans. “There are no words that can adequately express what Petersen Law Firm means to me and my family – plus McKinley Irvin is located in Vancouver with six additional offices across the state and focuses its practice exclusively on family law. It serves families and individuals in Washington and Oregon who need the skills and experience of lawyers focused on this particularly emotional area of law. The firm accepts the full range of cases, from standard and complex divorces to paternal rights, LGBT family law and domestic violence issues. The firm also works with couples who are considering adoption. Stahancyk, Kent, & Hook is a law firm founded in 1986 with offices in Vancouver, Portland, Bend, Astoria and Prineville serving the Oregon and Southwest Washington areas. It helps clients plan their marriage, arrange custody and dissolution of the marriage, including the on-demand divorce service.

The firm supports clients dealing with LGBT family law issues. “Millie recently represented our family in a very difficult case, she is very competent and experienced, which places more emphasis on property family law exclusively on representing individuals and families in all family law matters. The Vancouver law firm operates throughout the southwestern part of the state, offering hourly emergency appointments to those who need them. Her lawyers handle simple and complex divorce cases, provide compassionate advice and support in cases involving custody arrangements and financial support, and represent those who are afraid of their abusive partner, including violations of the protection order. Yelp users haven`t asked any questions yet about Affordable Family Law Center. As a professional consultant (and director of a local treatment agency), I am very impressed with the services provided by Nicole Dalton`s office. While it can be beneficial for a parent to move, challenges can arise when a new parenting plan needs to be created to make the visit practical. This is true if you and your partner are not married but have bought different types of real estate (house, cars, etc.) together. The Affordable Family Law Center focuses on the child(ren) involved in a divorce. If you`re facing a custodial dispute, put an experienced Washington law firm on your side.

“I made the decision earlier this year that Elizabeth Christy would represent me.