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A big thank you for this tool which is really perfect! Small question: I have a hard time distinguishing between fingerprinting and data protection. Your fingerprint links to another page, and the page generated by WP is not very clear to me. Thank you for your lights 😉 Otherwise, I bought your book and it`s at the top !!! So, make yourself a good coffee, a square of chocolate and let`s go for our topic of the day: How do you integrate the legal notices on your WordPress site? Good job!! You have come to the end of this reading, that`s all. You should now be able to have legal notices on your website. Ideally, detailed information about personal data should be displayed on the Privacy Policy page. Your legal notice page should be linked to this page. The most annoying thing about training is that students don`t always have access to their inbox (computers are provided in most cases), which slows down the process of retrieving legal notices and inserting them into WordPress. In your legal notice, you can link to a page for cookies, or otherwise to your privacy policy page if it contains the required information. How do you integrate the legal notices on your #WordPress site? WPMarmite explains everything. This legal opinion is based on the recommendations of the official website of the civil service. I had some doubts about what I should put in the legal notice of my site, now it`s very clear, thank you This plugin allows you 🙂 to consult the mandatory legal notices on the use of a shortcode. The administrator only has to enter the website information and copy the shortcode on a page called, for example, “Legal Notice”. I think you now understand the importance of this information.

But what should be in the legal notices? Thank you, Lycia, very happy to have found this legal notice generator. I wanted to create a fingerprint generator for a long time, but above all, I wanted to offer legal notices optimized for WordPress and Gutenberg! Hello, thank you very much for this work and this very practical document. I have only one reservation about updating the document. It seems to me that since the implementation of the GDPR, the CNIL declaration is no longer necessary and therefore no longer needs to be included in the legal notice. Therefore, I question the validity of these mentions in relation to the GDPR. Thanks again Here, a sole proprietor is considered a natural person. The mandatory information is then as follows: For your legal notices to really comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the notices must appear here: The legal notices of this type of website are less detailed, here are the obligations: Hello, a priori we are in the same case as a non-professional site, Except that instead of name/residential address you indicate the name and address of the association. Here is a link to a lawyer site for more details: The HTML used by my legal notice generator was created using Gutenberg, the WordPress editor. Instead of copying and pasting a block of raw HTML text, you get blocks that have already been configured.

This information is mandatory on all websites. Yes, even personal blogs. What should be included in the legal notice varies from case to case: we will see it later. [Instructions: Mark the legal notices generated below, copy and paste them directly into your print page, directly into the WordPress editor (Gutenberg). Read them carefully and modify or enrich them according to the needs of your project and have them checked by a professional (lawyer or lawyer) – do not forget to remove this first paragraph and all the mentions in red. No content is required, there is no need to link to my site, this generator is completely free. Thank you for your trust.] So I will try to offer you a clear and not too boring article to make your task a little less painful. Because we agree: if you are not passionate about law, GDPR or administration, no one really wants to write it, this mandatory information. You have just created your WordPress site and you are wondering what information and legal notices should be integrated? Don`t worry, we`ll guide you step by step to put your website on the path to legality.

The legal notices represent all the information of a website and its owner for Internet users. My advice: Combine privacy and legal notices in one place, it will make you one page less. Also from an SEO point of view, consider putting this page in No Index / No Follow. I admit that I was tired of seeing outdated legal review generators, tired of ads on these sites, email requests, or donation requests. Good job!! You have done most of the work. Now, all you have to do is insert them into pages, this legal notice. It is not only a question of writing them, it is also a question of being able to consult them.