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If you are a volunteer volunteer, the following entry will describe how pro bono is conducted in this county and describe any organized pro bono program you can work with here. You can also go to the main PBA pro bono lawyers website and check out and register. View the The Pro Bono Program Directory is a searchable database of organizations seeking the support of volunteer advocates. You can find an opportunity that aligns with your volunteer goal by using the filters in the guide to find an opportunity in your area and preferred area of law. Monroe County Bar Association/Monroe County Bar Foundation Monroe Legal Reporter 913 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 570-424-7288 570-424-8234 Fax If you need legal help, click here and fill out the PBA Pro Bono Legal Assistance Application Form found here. You should also look at The search engine on the site is excellent. Enter the county where you are experiencing the issue and indicate the legal area where you can find the resources you want to track. Monroe County Martino receives 2015 Pro Bono Award, March 11, 2016 Monroe County 2015 PBA Pro Bono Volunteer David Martino was honored at the awards ceremony at the Monroe County Bar Association quarterly meeting at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn on March 11. Surrounded by other MCBA members, the Brodheadsville lawyer accepted recognition from MCBA pro bono president Mark Primrose, who said, “The word no is not in his [Martino] vocabulary.” Martino, a man of few words, has shown up for the past three years, handling eight cases for free for the Stroudsburg-based civil legal aid organization North Penn Legal Services (NPLS) and gathering more than 25 hours for low-income county residents in need. Jim Butz, director of NPLS Stroudsburg, called Martino a “very kind and compassionate lawyer” and said Martino “does an exceptional job on a very consistent basis.” Primrose concluded by thanking Martino for “setting an example for all of us.” Below (pictured left) Martino accepts the award and (pictured right) Mark Primrose, pro bono president of MCBA, congratulates Martino. The Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) offers three referral programs, including the Pro-Bono Limited Service Program.

All cases must be located in Monroe County. Qualified candidates may be supported in the following areas: Monroe County Pro Bono Options, January 2016 Learn more about pro bono efforts in Monroe County. Mark A. Primrose The Law Office of Mark A. Primrose, PLLC 17 North Sixth Street Stroudsburg PA 18360 570-421-2350 570-421-8757 (fax) requests for representation can be found on the Monroe Bar website. When someone calls the office, employees refer the prospect to the website and app (go to the Public Resources column and click Pro Bono Limited Service Program to find basic information and demand.). The Monroe Bar will also send the request by mail upon request. In addition to a completed application, the Bar Association requires a review of total household income. Applications are accepted and reviewed by MCBA employees.

If approved, MCBA will refer the applicant to a pro bono lawyer. Applications have been filed with the courts, in particular the Law Library and the courts of the MDJ. All processing is carried out by MCBA employees.