Moss Legal Group

Mitchell Moss is an experienced and practicing litigator with over 25 years of experience handling cases in Texas and New Mexico. He began his legal career as Briefing Attorney for the 8th Judi. At Moss Legal Group, we provide quality legal services to individuals and businesses in West Texas and New Mexico. Our lawyers have extensive experience in civil litigation. Moss Legal Group is a law firm specializing in providing high-quality legal services to individuals and businesses in Texas and New Mexico. We understand that the key to successful legal representation is working with clients to understand their goals and develop strategies that offer the most effective legal solutions. Moss Legal Group lawyers participate in various practice-related events. In addition, they strive to keep their clients informed of the latest legal news and events. When a dispute becomes a lawsuit, there is no substitute for experienced litigants who have a reputation as formidable adversaries in the courtroom. Simply put, our lawyers take all legal matters entrusted to them very seriously. We focus primarily on drunk driving, as well as driver`s license complaints. Efficient and effective legal solutions to complex legal problems Through years of experience in the criminal justice field, we have met with prosecutors, judges and, in many cases, officials themselves.

This has given us insight and knowledge of how to navigate the system for the benefit of our clients. By being available to our clients, we can respond to their concerns and questions and fulfill our duty to keep our clients informed of the matter. At Moss Legal Group, our lawyers have over 33 years of experience representing clients in various areas of litigation and complex commercial litigation. Let me tell you directly. No singing and dancing. No soft toys and puffs. Not a sophisticated interactive website. We are “tell it like it is” lawyers. Plain and simple. So there you have it: from start-ups to large companies, we can manage it.

Learn more about the types of customers we have. Our fees are based on our estimated time per case and not on the type of crime. Each case (and fee) is based on who you are and the specific complexity of your case. That`s why we don`t mention phone charges. Each consultation is free of charge. We want to know more about who you are, not what you`ve (allegedly) done. Moss Legal Group`s litigation and transaction lawyers have worked closely with companies in El Paso, Las Cruces and border communities. We are known for our assaults.

Our head office is located in the Southfield Border Triangle at the corner of Northwestern Highway and I-696. We handle all criminal cases, misdemeanors and crimes throughout the state. Moss Law Group represents business owners, investors, artistic talent, creative companies, record labels and influencers with a focus on business creation, real estate, simple litigation, intellectual property rights and contract law in the United States and other jurisdictions. Our lawyers handle a wide range of issues involving complex commercial issues and commercial disputes. We have served a variety of clients, from small businesses to large corporations. If you are in business, we can take care of it. To learn more about our areas of activity, click here. We are litigators. We prepare the cases for trial. It is through our litigation experience and preparation that we are able to win in court or obtain plea agreements that are in your best interest.

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