Nexus Mods Rules

If you know or suspect that someone other than you knows your user identification code or password, you must notify us immediately at If you lose access to your account, your email address is the only way to recover your account. If we look at this example loading order for Skyrim, suppose we want to change it so that the three mods My Mod A, My Mod B and My Mod C are loaded before Example Mod 1 and Example Mod 2. For our purposes, we need to create two new groups: one to which we can assign the three mods – My Mod A, My Mod B and My Mod C – and another, for example Mod 1 and Example Mod 2. is a website operated by Black Tree Gaming Limited (“We”). We are registered in England and Wales under company number 06360077 and have our registered office at Southernhay Studios Dean Clarke House, Southernhay East, Exeter, England, EX1 1AP. Our main trading address is Southernhay Studios Dean Clarke House, Southernhay East, Exeter, England, EX1 1AP. Our VAT number is 107473914. We ask that you do not report content that does not meet your personal standards, as we will only take action if it is determined that the reported content violates our website rules. Personal disputes with subjective opinions are not acceptable reasons for reporting data. Such situations are often best resolved by our content and user blocking tools. For more information on these tools, see our FAQ. There are two ways to do this: by using several individual plugin-specific rules or a group rule.

In this paper, we will discuss both options and how to implement the rules accordingly. Since the goal of the collection system is to make modding better and easier for everyone, these rules and guidelines are in place to ensure that nothing a collection or collectible curator does has a negative impact on mod authors and their work. Essentially, collections are lists of mods that can be installed automatically through Vortex. This will sort your plugin list based on the six rules we just set, so we`re loading My Mod A, My Mod B, and My Mod C before Example Mod 1 and Example Mod 2 as expected. However, with Vortex`s group management feature, we could do the same thing on a larger scale and limit the number of rules we need. We believe there is a place for mods and collections on our website, and we will do our best to ensure that the relationship between the two is mutually beneficial. As such, they are ultimately an evolved version of traditional mod lists or mod guides that tell users which mods to download and install to (re)create a particular gaming experience. A collection is considered adult content under our Adult Content Policy if one or more mods contained in the collection are considered NSFW/Adult or (in rare cases) if the combination of mods in the collection results in a mod configuration that would be considered adult under our policies.

If you have any comments, questions or concerns, please visit our Help Center or contact Avatar and signature images must comply with the website`s rules. If you use links in your signature or profile page, please ensure that the content of the website or linked web page meets our requirements. Make sure that any animated images you plan to use as an avatar don`t contain overly involved animations that can be interpreted as too distracting. We reserve the right to remove animated avatars at our sole discretion. Note: Since September 28, we have imposed a blanket ban on mods related to socio-political topics in the United States of America. This lock applies to all mods downloaded after September 28, 2020. After review, we have decided to extend the ban on these mods indefinitely. Please note that this feature is not intended to include mods or mod files, and that resources grouped in this way are subject to our file submission guidelines. If a collection contains one or more mods classified as adult content, the tags are automatically captured and the entire collection is marked as adult. Please note that once a collection has been marked as adult, all current and future revisions – whether the included mods are adult mods or not – will remain marked as an adult collection. Now we just have to assign our mods to the appropriate groups.

To do this, double-click Sample Mod 1.esp in your plugin list to view the plugin details on the right, and select the newly created “Sample Mod 1 and 2” group from the group`s drop-down menu. Vortex gives you the ability to create rules that determine when a particular plugin is loaded versus another. Do not use these tools to report specific issues related to the use of user-submitted mods, such as installation errors, crashes, bugs, or other issues that are not direct violations of our policies and policies. These terms inform you about the rules of use of our website (our website). We encourage all copyright owners to report unauthorized use of their property by using the “Report” function on a particular file`s page. If you are the copyright owner and do not have a Nexus Mods account, you can notify us of the copyright infringement via our DMCA request form or by contacting As a general rule, we do not remove content submitted by users from banned users unless it violates our policies and guidelines. If your account is terminated by Nexus Mods employees, you are free to decide how we should treat your uploaded content in the future, for example by requesting its deletion by In recognition of the delicate relationship between mods and collections, we ask collectors to do their best to avoid an additional workload for mod authors because their work is part of a particular collection. One way to achieve our goal of loading My Mod A, My Mod B, and My Mod C before the Mod 1 example and the Mod 2 example would be to set a total of six rules individually (or per plugin).

To do this, click “Manage Rules” on the Plugins toolbar to open the “Set Rules” dialog. Keep in mind, however, that including a mod in a collection is usually just a reference, similar to including a mod in a list of recommended mods for a particular gaming experience (e.g., Top 10 Best Magic Mods). No one can dictate whether or not others can add their mods to a mod list, and we think that should also apply to a collection of Nexus mods – which is ultimately just a list that ties different mods together. We understand and appreciate the delicate balance and relationship between mods and collections, as well as mod authors and collectors` curators. That being said, we have collection-specific policies that ensure respectful management of mods that are part of a particular collection. And that`s it, instead of using six individual groups, we just use one group rule to get the same thing in broader traits! This method can be especially useful when adding mods that need to be loaded before/after several others, as you just need to assign them to the right group instead of resetting individual plugin rules. Keeping a collection does not in any way give you ownership or rights to the mods in the collection. It`s one of our core beliefs that modding can be a boon to your gaming experience, and we believe there`s a place for mods that enhance the graphics of children`s characters in a decent and respectful way. Repeat the same steps for the Mod 2.esp sample (left). If you did this right, you should end up with six rules like these: While we understand that creating a really good mod list can be a lot of work, we don`t think such a list of mods and/or instructions can or should be something that can be owned in the same way, Like what.

A 3D clip or music track. By uploading your collection to Nexus Mods, you agree that the list itself and its associated metadata (summary, description, instructions) are in the public domain. For the purposes of our website, this means that anyone can create a similar or nearly identical collection or use your collection as a basis for a new one, etc. If you encounter content that violates our policies, we recommend that you use the “Report” function, accessible via the corresponding button. However, we ask that you do not report content as it does not meet your personal standards, as we will only take action if it is determined that the content violates our website rules.