No Strings Attached Legal Term

If the capital letter S were cut in half and the bottom half was attached to the top half, a zero would result. The term “non-binding” refers to an offer, proposal or proposal for which you cannot accept unpleasant terms. The origin of the expression without conditions is very interesting. In business, the term unconditional is used to refer to an arrangement without special conditions or restrictions. So the next time someone tells you to accept something or do something unconditionally, you`ll know what they`re trying to say! In other words, the term unconditional is used to mean “without restrictions” or “no questions asked”. In short, the term “unconditional” refers to an offer, proposal or action to do something without restrictions or to demand something in return. When it comes to people dating people or relationships, the term unconditional refers to the situation where two people are sexually intimate but have no emotional connection. The Commander-in-Chief always held him to the headquarters headquarters and kept him constantly employed in a special service. Schneider and Schneider asked the fabric merchant to provide them with impeccable fabric by asking for fabric “without conditions”.

It`s hard to feel attached to where you are when you`re always thinking about where you`ve been or where you`re going. In other words, the non-binding relationship is one in which the couple has only a physical connection and no emotional connection. This first takes the rough device of a few vertical lines attached to the head (see Fig. 4). In shape, it is curved, like things for candles attached to pianos, but with a weighted foot to hold it firmly. In some cases, the term cannot be used conditions in personal relationships. If no cord was attached to the fabric, no defects were found in a single piece. What does it mean when someone tells you “no conditions”? For example, if a merchant tells you that you have 30 days to return the goods without conditions, this means that you can return the goods within that period without restrictions. Let`s see how the sentence can be used in a sentence without conditions. No strings or restrictions, such as giving each child $10,000 a year without strings attached.

This expression dates back to the mid-1900s, although string has been used in the sense of “restriction” since the late 1800s. In other words, if you do something without strings attached, it means that there are no restrictions or restrictions associated with the activity. Nowadays, many women turn to online sites for no-frills male company. This expression is still used today to refer to cases where something is done without restriction or without anything in return. This means that Helen agreed to lend money to her friend without imposing any conditions on the loan. At that time, a merchant marked defects in the woven fabric by attaching a small string to the bottom of the bolts where the defect was. My number 4239, addressed to Maxwell and repeated to you, was sent before I received your telegram in reply. This means that Mary will clean her father`s car without asking for a favor in return. Under the motto “Now Everyone Can Fly,” the airline offered no-frills flights that were both cheap and plentiful. Or has the attitude of the Republican House of Representatives convinced him that he is clear? And why would his so-called spokesman refuse to answer yes/no questions about them? .