Nurse Practitioner Legal Consultant Salary

Nursing consultant salaries vary depending on area of expertise, level of education and reference, many years of experience, employer size and geographic location. Many nurses are drawn to the benefits of becoming a nurse legal advisor. Being able to work from home, set your own salaries and hours, and learn a new field is appealing to nurses looking to change nursing at the bedside. Best of all, there are no long 12-hour shifts. Depending on, the average salary for a legal consultant can range from $55,092 to $211,399. The salary depends on the state, city, organization and whether CNL is independent or not. Legal Nurse Consulting allows you to work independently and with many types of people and requires you to operate well under pressure. Regardless of the work environment, CNL performs many specialized functions, including: For registered nurses who are considering other career opportunities and prefer to work in a healthy environment, consulting a legal nurse is an exciting way to transform their careers and positively impact their salary. Nurse law advisors are sometimes called “legal nurses.” It`s a very interesting career path that some people choose as their main job. This increased demand for nurse counselors, even if they work part-time, means nurse legal consultant salaries of up to $150 per hour for their expertise and higher for advanced nurse consultants. Full-time legal nurse consultants now have incredible growth potential.

For example, Annmarie Johnson, RN, NSB, CLNC billed over $10,000 in one month as a part-time consultant. Read their story. As a legal nurse consultant, lawyers need your skills to prepare for testimony, review substantive cases, review arbitration, mediation, settlements and others. They are the bridge between their legal skills and the medical world, which makes them very important in many cases. The average annual salary is a little higher than the median salary of a registered nurse, but it can be much less than what you would do as a nurse. For this reason, we think it is better to consider this work as secondary work. More experienced nurse legal advisors charge up to $200 per hour. Nurse legal consultants work in many settings, including independent consulting firms, insurance companies, and law firms, to name a few. With one of the most affordable certification programs for nurse consultants, Florida Atlantic University attracts nurses from all over the country.

The online program requires an active registered nurse license and three years of clinical nursing experience, so only experienced nurses can apply. This eight-week program also has 33 continuing education credits and prepares nurses for the certified exam as a legal nurse consultant. The cost alone makes it a good option, both for the certificate and for continuing education credits. The earning potential of a legal nurse consultant is not limited by location. In fact, while working from home, many nurse legal consultants do business with attorneys in multiple states. This allows them to maintain a high quality of life and demand a living wage for nurse consultants in whatever field they want to live in. For example, Janice Lange, RN, NSB, CNLC, and Joyce Gerdes, RN, BSN, CLNC have expanded their legal practice consulting activities in 11 states. Look at their history. Designed for anyone licensed as an active registered nurse, Duke University`s Legal Nursing Consulting Program prepares nurses to apply their skills in the legal field. This comprehensive online program consists of six modules completed over one month. Nurses complete the modules synchronously, that is, simultaneously, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8:30 a.m.

to 4 p.m. While courses cannot transfer to a graduate program or credit toward continuing education, it`s hard to find a better institution for health care training than Duke. The University of Georgia Legal Nurse Consultant training is offered to registered nurses and PAs and prepares students to take and pass the certified legal nurse consultant exam. The program uses bi-monthly start dates with six start date options throughout the year, and students complete their courses online. The program lasts 42 hours and counts for 4.2 credits of training. This fast and affordable program takes much less time than the other options on this list. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that nursing employment will grow by 12 percent by 2028, much faster than the average for all jobs. In addition, the aging of baby boomer nurses approaching retirement and the growing health needs of baby boomers are leading to a current and projected shortage of future care. However, the fact that you are an APRN should not prevent you from following this path.

Just know that the real experience you may need to provide legal advice lies primarily in your work as a registered nurse. So you`re ready to work on your first case. Let`s say you were able to find a lawyer who needed your services. They are willing to guide you through all the legal things, and they just need you to provide clinical information. The median annual salary for registered nurses was $75,330 per year in May 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS does not disclose salaries for legal nurse consultants, but Payscale reports that their average annual salary in 2020 is $77,773, or $49.47 per hour. The AALNC adds a detailed breakdown of professional responsibilities in this interdisciplinary career. Overall, nurse legal advisors are health professionals who work as part of a legal team, often acting as medical experts and assisting lawyers and other professionals. They interpret patient diagrams and diagnoses; Analysis of relevant medical information; Preparation of chronological case histories and medical discussions for legal documents; assist in assessing damage; assessing an applicant`s medical needs and costs; interview clients and help identify experts; provide consulting services; and even testify in court. CNL works in a variety of strategic roles, dealing with litigation issues such as workers` compensation, risk management, civil liberties, personal injury, medico-legal and criminal matters, medical malpractice and workplace discrimination, to name a few. Those considering becoming a forensic nurse will want to know more about the job before committing.

There are two types of official recognition for a legal nurse consultant to consider: nursing licensure and specialty certification. Nurse legal consultants in private practice must develop a multi-faceted business plan that includes a reasonable budget for office rent, marketing costs, travel expenses, costs of office equipment and supplies, liability and other insurance premiums, non-billable activities required, employee salaries and benefits, and many others. Your third option is to contract out to other nurse legal consultants. In this option, you will work with other nurse legal consultants or other types of nurses you have hired to handle their cases. They will probably do some of their fees in case you do the work for them. Contractors may earn more money than in-house nurse counselors, but less than nurse counselors who practice independently and work directly with lawyers. You should rely on other legal nurses to get work for you. As a result, your workload will not be as regular as you would like. In summary, the professional qualifications and responsibilities of nurse legal consultants vary, and potential CNL is advised to approach educational programs or industries of interest to see what they can offer. assessed the current state of the statutory care consultant`s salary.

The nurse legal consultants who responded to the survey are full-time NLCC consultants. The survey results are as follows: Consulting with legal nurses can be a rewarding and rewarding career, both professionally and financially. To be a successful CNL, world-class medical research skills, analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent communication skills (written and oral) and the ability to juggle multiple priorities while maintaining professional and personal calm must be developed. As a post-bachelor`s program, Wilmington University`s Legal Nurse Consultant certificate requires nurses to first complete a BSN. However, the program allows online study and nurses can use all credits completed in the program to earn a university degree. Because the program uses actual college courses and credits, the cost is higher than other programs. Anyone interested in becoming a nurse legal advisor and eventually earning an MSN could get a head start thanks to Wilmington. The BLS (2020) predicts an explosion of employment opportunities for registered nurses nationally; Between 2019 and 2029, RN job vacancies are expected to increase by seven per cent, much faster than the average growth expected across all occupations over this period (four per cent).