Office of the Controller Legal Metrology Goa

The nomenclature of the “Department of Weights and Measures” is replaced by “The Department of Legal Metrology” as notified by the Government upon publication of the notification. As the name suggests, the Department of Legal Metrology refers to units of measurement and weight, measurement methods and measuring instruments, as well as regulatory protections for the public. It is the result of the good foresight of our national leaders that has led to the adoption of the most advanced and uniform metric system in our entire country to adapt to the recommendation of the International Organization of Legal Metrology, of which India is also a member. The Department of Legal Metrology is one of the most important bodies of consumer protection. It plays an important role in the user-friendly management of services to citizens. These are technical and legal requirements intended to protect the public interest from the point of view of safety and accuracy of weights, dimensions, etc.