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Legal Services Corporation (LSC) – Find legal help for low-income individuals and families. I sent several email and fax requests to Google`s legal department to delete an orkut account claiming to be my account. They did nothing. Can anyone help? Standardization is one of the ways CLOC and Google plan to challenge the highly personalized and tailored nature of today`s legal services. Some time ago, I interviewed Mary O`Carroll, head of legal operations at Google, to understand how a 21st company par excellence manages its legal department. #3. Machine learning can be used to automate internal legal requestsMary`s legal operations team uses self-service tools based on decision trees to help internal clients get the answers they need. These tools eliminate the need for a lawyer or make it easier to collect all the necessary data a lawyer needs to help the client much faster. Indiana Free Legal Answers is a website where you can ask a question about your non-criminal law problem and get a free answer from a lawyer. To qualify, you do not need to be able to afford a lawyer.

To see if you are eligible and to ask a question now, visit IN Free Legal Answers. This service only provides answers to legal questions, the lawyer who answers your question will not represent you in the whole case or go to court for you. In addition to asking friends and family for the name of a good lawyer or checking the phone book, you can find legal help online. Community Living`s legal services developer, Aging and Protective Services (CAP) provides national leadership to improve the quality and quantity of legal services for people 60 and older in Oklahoma. The Legal Services Developer provides advice, technical support, information and referrals, as well as training on legal issues for older Oklahomans and those who support and defend them. # 5. Google wants its partners to automate tooA marketplace is as efficient as the least efficient participant. That`s why Google is keen to see its partners take a more automated, data-driven approach to legal work. The OCDO General Counsel advises and represents the Director, the Oklahoma Board of Corrections, and ODOC administrators in all legal matters affecting the Agency, its employees, and inmates, including litigation, personnel, operations, contracts, and policies. The General Counsel oversees the OCDO`s legal department, which includes the Agency`s Assistant General Counsel, related support staff, the AECB Coordinator and the Administrative Review Authority.

Google Ireland Limited requires that formal legal proceedings under the laws of your jurisdiction be effectively served on Google Ireland Limited through appropriate legal channels in accordance with the laws of your jurisdiction, the rules applicable to the service of Irish court decisions or through diplomatic or consular channels (see below for more information).