Pima County Legal Advocate

Provide legal defense to those accused of crimes ranging from drug possession to first-degree murder, or appeal their conviction. Representation of adults in cases of dependency or minors accused of criminal offences. Represent minors in actions for dependency, separation and guardianship, family law cases and act as an advocate for child victims in criminal matters. Email your cover letter and resume to Kevin.Burke@pima.gov The Approach Innovation for Justice, in partnership with the Arizona Supreme Court and Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse launched the Licensed Legal Advocate pilot project – the first U.S. pilot project to adapt Unlicensed Legal Practice (UPL) reform to enable non-lawyers to provide legal advice in the delivery of social services. The pilot trains and licenses domestic violence lawyers to provide limited legal advice on specific and high-needs civil law issues and includes a quantitative assessment of non-legal defense in civil law cases. This work has the potential to inspire UPL reform nationwide and help women underserved by the status quo. Legal assistance for adults designated under Division 36 for mental health assessment and treatment. The Pima County Law Counsel`s Office represents people accused of a crime who cannot afford an attorney.

Student articling students support lawyers and their staff in the day-to-day tasks of the firm. Duties vary, but may include: Experience working with disadvantaged people, including those who are destitute, have mental health problems, or have substance abuse or alcohol problems. innovation4justice.orgtwitter.com/stacyrbutler4twitter.com/smauettwitter.com/mackenzie_pish At least 3 months before registration, but applying a few months in advance would increase the chances that there is still a job available. Student trainees gain experience working in a public criminal defense office and gain knowledge by handling specific cases. Students will learn how the criminal justice system works and develop skills essential to legal practice, including case analysis, communicating with clients, and preparing for harm mitigation. ability to get along well with others; Flexibility; Interest in criminal defence. Pima County Public Defense Services include the offices of the Public Defense Board, Legal Counsel, Counsel, Children`s Rights Board, Mental Health Defense Attorney, Public Trustee, and Office of Court-Appointed Legal Counsel. Below is a description of the different offices.