Sikkim Tourist Rules

Previously, in March 2021, the Sikkim government had imposed restrictions on tourists entering the state. Now the edges have been lifted. Tourists can now enter the state via Rangpo in eastern Sikkim and Melli in southern Sikkim after showing their vaccination records at checkpoints. Last year, Sikkim faced a collapse in tourism due to the pandemic, with around 1528 travel agencies closed and nearly 2200 hotels closed. Sikkim has relaxed travel rules that allow all tourists to enter. The Sikkim government decided to lift all Covid-19 restrictions after the state noted a drop in the number of cases. The Sikkim government had previously eased restrictions on tourists by removing mandatory vaccination passports and RT-PCR test reports at border checkpoints. The Sikkim government has also reopened the Yumthang Valley in Lachung Village to tourists. Yumthang Valley, also known as Sikkim Valley of Flowers Shrine, is a piece of a dream in northern Sikkim, which carries a blanket of dazzling colors, especially in spring, with millions of rhododendrons, irises, poppies and primroses in bloom in the valley. The Valley of Flowers is located about 150 kilometers from Sikkim`s capital, Gangtok, and is part of Lachung`s journey. The valley is again open to tourists. I stayed with this homestay in Lachung at 12,000 feet, which is not traceable on the internet Many people are motivated by the desire to learn new things, just like tourists. Participating in experiments increases knowledge about a product or service they want to consume.

As a result, he will opt for the best quality when searching for goods or services. Get essential tourist information to make your trip more convenient. For the monitoring of tourist traffic, visitor and movement profiles on the digital portal platform have provided contacts that must be notified in case of flagrant and repeated violations of SOPs/protocol by tourists or interest groups. In Sikkim, many tourist establishments provide their guests or tourists with tourist guidelines and brochures indicating animals, activities and people to expect at a particular tourist establishment. Depending on the appeal of these brochures, tourists will be more attracted to a particular place and that particular place will have more demand among tourists. Advertising space for private contractors, for more details, please contact the additional secretary. Phone: 03592-232218, secy_tourism[at]yahoo[dot]com The Sikkim government has allowed hotels, host families and guesthouses to operate at full capacity following COVID-19 protocols. The state has also allowed shopping malls, showrooms and shops to operate at full capacity in strict compliance with safety standards. By Travel | Sikkim Northeast India (@tourgenie) Satyendra Siddhartha, 16 May 2020 News update: Sikkim, where no COVID-19 cases have been reported so far, has begun preparing to restart its tourism sector, which has been devastated due to the coronavirus lockdown, The Economic Times reported. Raj Basu, the tourism adviser to the Sikkim government, told the publication how to Read More . Customer service opening hours: Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

(except Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) View important permit information on the various restricted and protected areas of Sikkim. Sikkim is a state in northeastern India. It borders Tibet to the north and northeast, Bhutan to the east, Nepal to the west and West Bengal to the south. Sikkim is also close to the Siliguri Indian corridor near Bangladesh. Update: The Sikkim state government allows travelers with negative RT-PCR certificates to enter the immigration checkpoint after conducting rapid antigen tests before entering the state. In a considerate and sympathetic gesture towards tourism stakeholders and tourism service providers in Sikkim in the state, the government Read more. Read also: India`s first glass walkway dominates the mountains in the delicious and comforting cuisines of Sikkim. You have already purchased a map for an upcoming trip and want to update the information. Gangtok, Sikkim News Update: 15-Sep-2018 Sikkim`s first airport is awaiting inauguration as it has successfully completed the commercial landing and take-off test. Finally, the first airport of Sikkim in the city of Pakyong is Read More . Medical advice for tourists venturing beyond altitude If you have any questions, please contact the following telephone numbers: According to the New Indian Express report, a board member of the Sikkim Hotel and Restaurant Association (SHRA) told PTI: “The Sikkim Hotel and Restaurant Association (SHRA) welcomes the state government`s decision to open up the tourism industry, which is the mainstay of Sikkim`s economy. “This is the first time since May, the Sikkim border in Rangpo and Melli will not pass the Covid-19 test.

Now, the new change made by the state Ministry of the Interior on interstate movements: “All persons must carry a negative RT-PCR report carried out within 72 hours, or people who Read more. You apply for a travel card yourself or support an individual or group. Also Read: I stayed with a homestay in Lachung at 12,000 feet, which is not traceable on the internet A local Sikkimese travel expert will help you plan and book every detail of your trip to Sikkim.