Skyrim Three Legal Elves

Altmer means “higher” in the ancient Aldmeri language,[4] although the Altmer themselves would say “cultivated”. [ref. needed] It is a breed descended from the mysterious island of Summerset. The Altmer consider themselves the most civilized people in Tamriel, a claim that is difficult to refute. Among modern elf breeds, Altmer is probably the closest in appearance and behavior to ancient Aldmer, due to a conscious effort of selective breeding. Of particular interest is that two of the Dunmer tribunal members, Vivec and Almalexia, are much more like Altmer than Dunmer. This probably means that the Chimer resembled Altmer before the change, and these two were able to maintain this appearance thanks to their stolen divine power. According to the Pocket Guide to the Empire, First Edition, selective breeding and infanticide were practiced to purify their breed, although this information may be biased against Altmer. Children are few in number among most of the Seas. The average elf woman can get pregnant twice, but no more than four times (and even this is considered rare). [7] This rule does not apply to the Bosmers, who are known for their many descendants. [8] There are several well-known Dunmer families with more than six children. T92 [10] Those who are extraordinarily gifted in magic or alchemy, or favored by the gods, can endure millennia without any apparent negative effects.

[11] Some Sea breeds have become extinct or extinct, including the Dwemer and Ayleids. [12] [13] All of these races are believed to be descended from the Aldmers. [4] The Maormer have a very different origin or differed from their brothers before the Aldmer inhabited Summerset Island. [14] Elves consider themselves the only “truly human race” because they are directly descended from the gods. Some elves consider the human and animal races to be nothing more than intelligent animals. [15] The Seas generally believe themselves to be direct descendants of Aedra,[7] after being induced by Lorkhan to renounce their immortality in order to create the world. Their opinions about their mortality differ from race to race, but none, with the exception of the Dunmers, consider them a “gift” in the way humans do it. [7] Opinions range from lamentation at the loss of one`s right to birth to persistent suffering as a test of character.

The Aldmer or First Folk[UL 1] were the ancestral elven race and are the direct descendants of the Ehlnofey (along with the Hist, the only ancient race of Nirn that survived their early days). Modern scholars believe that all the Ehlnofey on Tamriel became the Aldmer, while those on the other three continents became humans (Nedes, Yokudans and Tsaesci). [ref. The Altmer, or self-proclaimed “cultured people,” are a large golden-skinned breed descended from Summerset Island. They are also known as high elves by the people of Tamriel, or the dark term bastard, high elves are generally considered proud or snobbish. Altmer lives two to three times longer than humans; with a 200-year-old Altmer and a 300-year-old Altmer. The Altmer consider themselves the most civilized culture in Tamriel; The common language of the continent is based on the Altmer language and script, and most of the arts, crafts, laws and sciences of the Empire come from the Altmer traditions. Mer (/mɛr/, meaning people) or elves, refers to one of the oldest Mundus races, such as the Dunmer (formerly the Chimer), Orsimer, Altmer and Bosmer. [1] In addition to these four breeds, the Falmer and the Maormer are also called Mer. [2] While the Bretons are the result of a cross between Aldmer and Nedes,[3] they are most often considered as men and not as sea. [4] A key differentiator of Mer is its long lifespan, with average citizens living more than two centuries before being considered old – two or three times longer than humans. [5] [6] The Maormers or sea elves,[25] also known as tropical elves,[2] are a race of exotic elves who inhabit the tropical land of Pyandonea, a group of islands far south of the Sommerset Islands.

The recent Empire Pocket Guide debunks a widespread claim that the Maormer were expelled by the Altmers. Instead, they parted ways with old Aldmer when their immortal wizard king Orgnum began a revolt. [26] Little known about the Maormer includes their strange skin, which is said to have chameleon properties, and their practice of a snake style of magic. [2] The Chimers or Altered[4] were a splinter group of Aldmers who rejected almost all the traditional religious teachings of their mother race. Instead, they chose to worship Daedric princes, especially Azura, Boethiah and Mephala, and placed much more emphasis on the worship of ancestral spirits. The three Daedra convinced the Chimers to dismiss the cult of Aedra as a lie and to despise their Aldmeri brothers as weak. [source?] The Chimers were led by a prophet named Veloth from the Summerset Islands to the large island east of the mainland of Tamriel, which they originally called Veloth but which soon became known as Resdayn. [35] The Chimers lived in Resdayn with another group of elves, the Dwemer, alternating periods of peace and war, with the Dwemer and Norse in the north, until the middle of the First Era. At this point, a disastrous battle between the two elven races resulted in the entire Chimer race being transformed into modern Dunmer and their home became known as Morrowind. [35] In the desert of almost all the provinces of Tamriel, philosophically if not directly descended from the first inhabitants of the earth, live the Ayleids, commonly called the Wild Elves.

While three races of elven tribes – the Altmer (or High Elves), the Bosmer (or Wood Elves) and the Dunmer (or Dark Elves) – have assimilated well into the new cultures of Tamriel, the Ayleids and their brothers have remained distant from our civilization, preferring to practice the ancient ways away from the eyes of the world. Most of today`s elves live on the continent of Tamriel. For the most part, these elven races successfully integrated into the Cyrodian Empire, although some racial tensions still exist in some parts of the continent. [ref. needed] The term Aldmeri is sometimes used as a collective term for all elves and is also used to refer to members of the Aldmeri Dominion. The Wild Elves Title The Wild Elves Full Title The Wild Elves Author Kier-Jo Chorvak Skyrim Weight 1.00 Value 25 FormID 0001AD18 Weight of Oblivion 1.00 Value 5 FormID 00024594 Morrowind Weight 4.00 Value 35 FormID bk_wildelves Some races on Tamriel are indirectly descended from elves, although they are not considered simple in the strict sense. It looks like the mod you want. Don`t pay attention to the name or description, I swear it removes all elves.