Who`s Who Legal Construction Expert Witness

Who`s Who Legal is a leading publication that annually identifies the best lawyers and consultants in business law through appointments, a detailed database, peer references and extensive research. Those who are ranked highest in their fields of activity in the Who`s Who Legal database are included in the list of leading advisory experts. Felipe André Isoré Gutiérrez of CONEXIG is “a valuable expert in financial matters” who is widely recommended for “any construction arbitration work in Latin America”. At TM Financial Forensics, Bob Groves is recognized as an “excellent expert in delay claims” who regularly advises on construction and government contracting matters. Mark Cohen of J.S. Held impressed the sources with “the breadth of his knowledge of the construction industry and the thoroughness of his preparation.” One client refers to him as “my first choice as an expert.” Mark is a director and co-founder of London-based Aquila Forensics. He has more than 20 years of experience in the construction industry and has prepared expertise in the context of jurisdiction, mediation, arbitration and litigation processes. He has been involved in numerous complex litigations around the world, including notable expert positions in the oil and gas, energy, infrastructure, marine and aviation sectors. His project experience ranges from £1 million in national construction procedures in the UK to £1.5 billion in global megaproject litigation at all stages and for all parties to the construction process. Mike Allen is “an outstanding expert in the marketplace” who is “excellent on the stand” and “fantastic at addressing contentious issues”. Amit Garg is hailed as a “late-end high-end expert” who “is not afraid to express his opinion and can support the team with his detailed analysis”.

Paul Roberts impressed the sources with his “strong analytical skills and insight into writing stories.” His peers also point to him as an expert who is “very clear in his thinking and develops easy-to-understand conclusions supported by careful analysis.” Ben Burley is “incredibly clear in his analysis” and is “very thorough and never fails to examine all relevant evidence”. In this chapter, we present 244 experts for their outstanding work across the construction industry. They are recognized for their experience in handling a variety of issues, including claims arising from quantum and delay issues on large-scale projects. John Lancaster with J.S. Held “is a pleasure to work with,” according to impressed sources who consider him a “leading expert on delays in construction and infrastructure matters.” Matt Wills is “an impressive quantum expert” who is “known for his in-depth analysis of construction claims.” In the Who`s Who Legal (WWL) global analysis of construction industry experts 2022, HKA once again emerges as a leading law firm. For the sixth year in a row, HKA has more experts praised by the market for their outstanding work in the construction industry than any other consulting firm in the world. Franco Mastrandrea is “certainly one of the best quantum experts for any large, complex project” and is praised for his “balanced strategic advice integrating practical, legal and technical considerations”. David Atkinson is praised as “an excellent communicator who listens carefully and gets straight to the point” while being “very independent and impartial, which helps the client and the legal team see both sides of the problem”. Michael Tonkin is widely hailed as an “incredibly reliable expert” whose “strength comes from his approach as a constructive realist”.

His peers point to Mark Dixon as “a real heavyweight in the market” and “the name of the oil and gas disputes”. Thomas Hofbauer of FTI Consulting is hailed as “the most recognized expert on the market” who “immediately gets to the heart of the matter”. “A sincere thank you to all our colleagues, clients and referring lawyers who took the time to provide references and notes. Congratulations to our global leaders and future leaders for this excellent recognition. This validates their professional reputation in the industry, the exceptional services they provide to their clients and the expertise they bring to complex litigation,” added Renny.    Philip Blunden of Hinds Blunden ranks among his peers and is recognised as `the best in Australia` for complex construction requirements. Construction experts can advise on a wide range of cases involving construction defects, maintenance and management, and construction inspections. Construction professionals can prepare reports on construction location, schedule, cost estimates and standards of care. In addition, these construction professionals can provide expert opinions on construction disputes, construction court investigations, general and licensed contractors, and a variety of related cases involving subspecialties of the profession. At Diale`s Expert Witness Services, David Merritt is considered by sources to be a “brilliant quantum expert” who is “very detail-oriented” and is “an established name in the Middle East region”. In this year`s survey of the world`s most prominent future leaders in construction, we highlight 30 experts for their outstanding work in quantum and time analysis, as well as expert testimony.

Faye Allen of ARCADIS has built a remarkable practice and is highly regarded for her extensive knowledge of the construction industry. HKA is the world`s leading provider of multidisciplinary expert and specialist services in the areas of risk mitigation and dispute resolution in the investment project and infrastructure sectors.