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With the way different countries implement their own policies, it becomes increasingly important to have your company`s legal requirements. The above websites should be sufficient options for you to create your legal documents as easily as possible. All of them have a free plan that helps you test the water before you pay anything. Worry. Segundo o Reclame Aqui, o site wonder.legal não entrega uma boa experiência de compra ou serviço. A reputação do site na plataforma é considerada RUIM, com nota 0.0 de 10. It contains legal documents in several categories, including: Be sure to check the licenses of each document before downloading it, as they all have different but simple licenses. If you can`t find the legal document you`re looking for, you can fill out the “Application Template” form to let them know about your application. It has legal documents in categories such as economics, finance, real estate, and human resources, which is quite remarkable for a free service.

And the fact that all the documents were created by lawyers and businessmen makes their service incredibly hard to ignore. The whole process takes a few minutes, so you don`t have to go through tons of pages to customize your legal document. One very good thing I`ve noticed about this site is that it provides a detailed explanation of each document so you can learn more about why and when it`s used in a business. Featured on sites like The Huffington Post, The Next Web, and Forbes, FormSwift is a very simple and straightforward website that offers 100% free legal documents. In fact, you don`t even need to register. Simply select the desired document, edit and save it to print it in Word and PDF format. Once you`ve answered a few simple questions to create your custom legal document, you can instantly download it for printing or digital use. Over 2,300,000 users worldwide trust Legal Templates for its incredible attorney-licensed documents. In addition to the legal documents that Rocket Lawyer has already created, you can directly ask your lawyers any questions that might come to mind regarding legal documents. This is especially useful if you don`t know which legal document to choose and what to include.

However, almost all legal document generators on the Internet will not save you from the problem, as not all of them are designed by licensed lawyers. Wonder.Legal is another simple website that allows you to create legal documents for free with many templates. The more than 280 documents available are created by lawyers and legal experts and allow you to adapt them to your needs. Docular has a plethora of free and paid legal documents, so you can customize and download them instantly. You can download the documents in PDF, HTML, RTF and DOCX formats and are therefore suitable for both print and digital use. The good news is that I`ve compiled a list of resources to help you get your own legitimate legal documents without having to figure out what`s authentic and what`s not. 😎 Protect your business interests with the help of PandaDoc and its huge library of free legal templates. Instantly download them as PDFs or import them into PandaDoc`s document editor to finish the job much faster. In the past, there have been many cases where companies have had problems because they didn`t have the right legal documents, and you don`t want to be one of them. If you have your legal documents, make sure your business stays away from unnecessary lawsuits or problems in later stages.

Having a website where you can find free legal documents created and shared by community members, PhD is a great option if you don`t want to spend money now. A quick search on their portal gives you tons of legal documents from trusted sources as well as social proof that also allows for any customization. You can also sign them electronically and keep them safe. Wonder Legal is a platform that offers automatically created legal documents, present in more than 20 countries, including Spain. It has different templates of documents written by a team of lawyers and jurists for professionals and individuals. For the former, letters, contracts, legal documents, resources for entrepreneurs, conditions of sale, etc. And for the latter, leases, legal guarantee, registration of a domestic worker, letters of termination of a telephone contract, etc. The user may or may not have a monthly subscription. Without a subscription, creating a document costs between €1.98 and €60, with an average price of €16.92. The subscription is completely free for 7 days.

Then €39.95 per month will be charged. And that`s not all. There are hundreds and hundreds more, so chances are you`ll find the legal document, form, or contract you`re looking for. Just use your search bar and you`re good to go. Avocado doesn`t have the largest library of legal documents, but they are constantly adding new ones to make sure it meets everyone`s needs. Currently, you can choose from about 14 different documents, including the GDPR Directive, Privacy Policy, Memorandum of Understanding, SaaS Agreement, and NDA for Startups. Once you`re done customizing the template, you can still download, print, and access it instantly. Lawyers have compiled everything you`ll find on LegalZoom so you can relax knowing you`re working on legitimate forms for your business. It couldn`t be safer.

You can browse a variety of legal document templates divided by a number of categories under Legal Contracts. Simply select one, answer a few questions and the legal document can be downloaded and printed. Legal Templates is a complete solution for free US legal forms and makes it easy to create legal documents. You can create your own in minutes by choosing one of more than 120 templates. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and your system will turn it into a proper legal document, after which you can sign it electronically and print it out for use. Just answer a few simple questions and LegalZoom will automatically generate a legal document for you in seconds. There are many types of documents you can choose from, such as: Contract Amendment, Letter of Intent, and Employee NDA. You can also check the list of categories if you can`t find your exact needs.